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Now Installing Cirrus Prop Lever STC!

LEMAC Aviation has just become an authorized dealer/installer for Tamarack’s Control Quadrant Upgrade for Cirrus Aircraft. This STC installs easily into the Cirrus SR22/20 and reduces cruise noise and fuel consumption caused by high RPM.

The current kit price is $3500 which is payed for in fuel savings after roughly 200 flight hours! Here is a list of benefits for installing this STC:

  • Simple non-structural installation
  • Traditional propeller RPM control, enabling “oversquare” operations as in other high performance aircraft (Columbia/Corvalis, Mooney, Piper, Cessna, Beech, etc.)
  • Reduced fuel consumption, 1+ gallon per hour in cruise and 5+ gallons per hour in a cruise-climb
  • Pays for itself in approximately 200 hours of operation
  • Dramatically reduced cabin noise and vibration
  • Airport/environmentally friendly noise abatement
  • Reduced engine wear and operational costs
  • Boost pump LED to remind pilots
  • Easy installation and easy return to OEM status
  • Compatible with the CIRRUS SR20 or SR22

Please Contact Us for more information on installing this great addition to your Cirrus and Visit Tamarack’s Site for a full look at the product!