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Comanche Aileron Repair


Recently, we had an insurance repair on a Piper Comanche. The damage was pretty extensive and required replacement of the entire skin. Because of the age of the aircraft there was no parts availability, so fabrication was the only option. We fabricated a new skin from .017″ aluminum and did some repairs to the internal structure as well. After getting painted by Gooby’s Custom Paint and having the wingtip fiberglass repaired by Performance One Aviation, the final product was something to be proud of! This is the kind of work you can expect from Lemac Aviation and our vendors every time.

Carbon Cub SS

Cub Crafters Safety Alert

Cub Crafters Logo
Cub Crafters has issued a Safety Alert SA0009 on November 22, 2013 for all CC11 aircraft. This alert has been issued to correct a potential hazard with the tail braces that has resulted in two aircraft returning from flight with broken braces. We are in constant contact with Cub Crafters and will have the new design braces on hand to retrofit on CC11 aircraft around the valley. Please contact us to schedule a time for replacement or if you have any questions.


Now Installing Cirrus Prop Lever STC!

LEMAC Aviation has just become an authorized dealer/installer for Tamarack’s Control Quadrant Upgrade for Cirrus Aircraft. This STC installs easily into the Cirrus SR22/20 and reduces cruise noise and fuel consumption caused by high RPM.

The current kit price is $3500 which is payed for in fuel savings after roughly 200 flight hours! Here is a list of benefits for installing this STC:

  • Simple non-structural installation
  • Traditional propeller RPM control, enabling “oversquare” operations as in other high performance aircraft (Columbia/Corvalis, Mooney, Piper, Cessna, Beech, etc.)
  • Reduced fuel consumption, 1+ gallon per hour in cruise and 5+ gallons per hour in a cruise-climb
  • Pays for itself in approximately 200 hours of operation
  • Dramatically reduced cabin noise and vibration
  • Airport/environmentally friendly noise abatement
  • Reduced engine wear and operational costs
  • Boost pump LED to remind pilots
  • Easy installation and easy return to OEM status
  • Compatible with the CIRRUS SR20 or SR22

Please Contact Us for more information on installing this great addition to your Cirrus and Visit Tamarack’s Site for a full look at the product!